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I. Kostikova

In the article the theoretical underpinnings of efficiency of using language
games in teaching English are shown. The complex of theoretical methods was drawn
in the research: comparative analysis of methodical sources with the purpose of
determination the state of developed research problem; analysis of didactical sources
as for the integration language games to the process of teaching English;
systematization of different researchers’ views as for classification the language
The basic results of the article are determination the definition of "game", the
advantages of using games, the study of didactic potential of language games in
English lessons, description of the main forms, types, functions of language games,
their classification.
It is shown the game is one of the fundamental learning activities. The games
should be regarded as supplementary activities. When choosing a game, a teacher
should be careful to find an appropriate one for the class in terms of language and
type of participation. Once the game has begun, the teacher should not interrupt to
correct mistakes in language use. The teacher should not compel an individual to
participate. Games are serious devices by which we can create an interesting
Games have following characteristics: they are based on a learning objective,
give the player control over his own destiny, include doable challenges, they are fun
and interesting, thus motivating, based on reality in order to intrinsically motivate
the players to continue to play the game, they require interaction, must include
Some game forms are mentioned: information gap, guessing games, search
games, matching games, matching-up games, exchanging games, collecting games,
arranging games.
To use games effectively in the classroom a teacher should adhere to the
following rules: the game must have a clear learning objective and purpose; the
teacher should assign students to teams; be sure to explain all necessary procedures
and rules clearly and slowly; be consistent; be prepared; maintain a non-threatening
environment; it may be useful to have students create games.
The conclusion is to determine the rules for successful usage of games in the
English classes as the game is one of the most effective forms of educational process
organization and in the process of foreign language teaching at all levels is has the
great pedagogical value.

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