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Helios E1 (plasma) instrument technical document

Rosenbauer, H.; Schwenn, R.; Miggenrieder, H.; Meyer, B.; Gründwaldt, H.; Mühlhäuser, K.-H.; Pellkofer, H.; Wolfe, J. H.

This record contains the original technical document describing the build and operations of the E1 plasma instrument that few on the Helios 1 and Helios 2 spacecraft. The original German document, along with an English translation are present. Notes on the translation are presented below:

This is an English translation of the original German document.

The work was carried out by Imperial College London using computer translation with limited further copy editing, with the goal producing a technically useable English document for understanding the operations of the Helios E1 experiment. It is not intended to be a perfect translation; if you find errors however, please send corrections to Tim Horbury (

Our thanks to the original engineers, Eckart Marsch (provision of the document), U. Kiel (document scanning), Chadi Salem (provision of the PDF), Sophie Albosh (copy editing) and Ingo Muller-Wodarg and Christoph Larndorfer (German expertise).

Imperial College London does not claim the copyright of the original document or this translation.

Tim Horbury, Chris Chen, Lorenzo Matteini, David Stansby
Imperial College London, October 2016

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