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Protection against filovirus diseases by a novel broad-spectrum nucleoside analogue BCX4430

Warren, Travis K.; Wells, Jay; Panchal, Rekha G.; Stuthman, Kelly S.; Garza, Nicole L.; Van Tongeren, Sean A.; Dong, Lian; Retterer, Cary J.; Eaton, Brett P.; Pegoraro, Gianluca; Honnold, Shelley; Bantia, Shanta; Kotian, Pravin; Chen, Xilin; Taubenheim, Brian R.; Welch, Lisa S.; Minning, Dena M.; Babu, Yarlagadda S.; Sheridan, William P.; Bavari, Sina

Viruses of the Filoviridae family can cause severe haemorrhagic fever in humans and non-human primates. Mortality rates are extremely high and no vaccines or drugs are currently licensed for the treatment of filovirus diseases. Here Sina Bavari and colleagues report the discovery of a small-molecule viral polymerase inhibitor with in vitro and in vivo antiviral activity against highly pathogenic viruses, including filoviruses such as Ebola virus and Sudan virus. The compound, BCX4430, is an adenosine analogue that acts as a non-obligate chain terminator. Administered either orally or intramuscularly, it can completely protect cynomolgus macaques from Marburg virus, even when administered as late as 48 hours after infection.
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