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Electrophysiological Recordings on a Sounding Rocket: Report of a First Attempt Using Xenopus laevis Oocytes

Wüest, Simon (Autor/in); Plüss, Tobias (Autor/in); Hardegger, Christoph (Autor/in); Felder, Mario (Autor/in); Kunz, Aaron (Autor/in); Fleischli, Benno (Autor/in); Komotar, Carlos (Autor/in); Rüdlinger, Lukas (Autor/in); Albisser, Andreas (Autor/in); Gisler, Thomas (Autor/in); Frauchiger, Daniela (Autor/in); Egli, Marcel (Autor/in)

It is not fully understood how cells detect external mechanical forces, but mechanosensitive ion channels play important roles in detecting and translating physical forces into biological responses (mechanotrans-duction). With the “OoClamp” device, we developed a tool to study electrophysiological processes, including the gating properties of ion channels under various gravity conditions. The “OoClamp” device uses an adapted patch clamp technique and is operational during parabolic flight and centrifugation up to 20 g. In the framework of the REXUS/BEXUS program, we have further developed the “OoClamp” device with the goal of conducting electrophysiological experiments aboard a flying sounding rocket.

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