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EEG Data for: "Cortical oscillations and entrainment in speech processing during working memory load"

Hjortkjær, Jens; Märcher-Rørsted, Jonatan; Fuglsang, Søren Asp; Dau, Torsten

This repository contains EEG and audio data used and described in:

Hjortkjær, J, Märcher-Rørsted, J, Fuglsang, SA, Dau, T (2018). Cortical oscillations and entrainment in speech processing during working memory load. European Journal of Neuroscience. doi:10.1111/ejn.13855

Please cite this article when using the data


The MAT-files contain the aligned EEG and audio data for each subject (N=22). The envelopes of the speech audio (without noise) have been extracted as described in the paper. Each file (data_N.mat) contains a Matlab struct in the format of the Fieldtrip toolbox containing the following fields:


data.trial:           EEG and audio data for all 40 trials [channels x timepoints]

  • channels 1-64: scalp EEG
  • channel 65: left mastoid electrode
  • channel 66: right mastoid electrode
  • channel 67: horizontal EOG
  • channel 68: vertical EOG for left eye
  • channel 69: vertical EOG for right eye
  • channel 70: audio envelopes

data.trialinfo:     Experimental condition in each trial

  • 1 = low noise, 1-back
  • 2 = low noise, 2-back
  • 3 = high noise, 1-back
  • 4 = high noise, 2-back

data.time:          Sample indices for each trial in seconds

data.label:         Name of each channel in data.trial

data.fsample:    EEG/audio sampling rate in Hz (128)

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