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RustBelt: Securing the Foundations of the Rust Programming Language -- Artifact

Ralf Jung; Jacques-Henri Jourdan; Robbert Krebbers; Derek Dreyer

This is the artifact accompanying the POPL18 paper "RustBelt: Securing the Foundations of the Rust Programming Language". You can find the latest version of this artifact online at https://gitlab.mpi-sws.org/FP/LambdaRust-coq. This archive contains the `popl18` tag of the aforementioned repository in two forms:

  • As a virtual machine, including all dependencies. You can import the LambdaRust-VM.ova into VirtualBox ("File -- Import Appliance"). After booting the machine, you will find further instructions in the README on the Desktop.
  • As a tarball, excluding dependencies. You can extract LambdaRust-coq.tar.gz anywhere, and then follow the instructions in the README. Compiling lambdaRust this way requires opam to be set up on your system.

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