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Overload Control in a SIP Signaling Network

Masataka Ohta

The Internet telephony employs a new type of Internet communication on which a mutual communication is realized by establishing sessions. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to establish sessions between end-users. For unreliable transmission (UDP), SIP message should be retransmitted when it is lost. The retransmissions increase a load of the SIP signaling network, and sometimes lead to performance degradation when a network is overloaded. The paper proposes an overload control for a SIP signaling network to protect from a performance degradation. Introducing two thresholds in a queue of a SIP proxy server, the SIP proxy server detects a congestion. Once congestion is detected, a SIP signaling network restricts to make new calls. The proposed overload control is evaluated using the network simulator (ns-2). With simulation results, the paper shows the proposed overload control works well.

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