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Research Data Management overview

EDINA and Data Library

Data curator(s)
Cope, Jez; Sheppard, Nick; Rice, Robin; Ward, Pauline

This resource is derived from MANTRA - http://mantra.edina.ac.uk/ - and provides an overview of RDM in four short modules which can be edited so as to add information about local Research Data Management support services, before local deployment in a VLE or on the Web (N.B. Requires Xerte Online Toolkits - http://www.xerte.org.uk.). 

  • Introduction
  • Finding data
  • Working with research data
  • Data management planning¬†

These files were exported from Xerte as "archive zips" (rather than SCORM or deployment zips) so as to allow the user to edit the module to fill in the blanks where there should be information about the institution's own research data management support services. The content of these four modules is substantively very similar to the earlier six-module version. The main difference is that for this version, the three modules concerning generating data, risk and sharing data were combined (to simplify the structure) into the third module here: "Working with research data".
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