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ligo-cbc/pycbc: post-02 release 3

Alex Nitz; Ian Harry; Duncan Brown; Christopher M. Biwer; Josh Willis; Tito Dal Canton; Larne Pekowsky; Thomas Dent; Andrew R. Williamson; Collin Capano; Soumi De; Miriam Cabero; Bernd Machenschalk; Prayush Kumar; Steven Reyes; Thomas Massinger; Amber Lenon; Stephen Fairhurst; Alex Nielsen; shasvath; Francesco Pannarale; Leo Singer; Duncan Macleod; Stanislav Babak; Hunter Gabbard; John Veitch; CBC Sugar; Sebastian Khan; dfinstad; Lorena Magaña Zertuche

This is the third post-O2 release of PyCBC for analysis of data taken during Advanced LIGO's second observing run and Advanced Virgo's first observing run.

This release has been tested against LALSuite with the hash:


This release updates the qtransform feature set and adds an interface to access data and information about the catalog of gravitational wave mergers.

Details of the changes since the last release are at

A Docker container for this release is available from the pycbc/pycbc-el7 repository on Docker Hub be downloaded using the command:

docker pull pycbc/pycbc-el7:v1.8.2

On a machine with CVMFS installed, a pre-built virtual environment is available for Red Hat 7 compatible operating systems by running the command:

source /cvmfs/

and for Debian 8 compatible operating systems by running the command:

source /cvmfs/

A bundled pycbc_inspiral executable for use on the Open Science Grid is available at


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