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Seven new species of labrid fishes (Coris, Iniistius, Macropharyngodon, Novaculops, and Pteragogus) from the Western Indian Ocean

Randall, John E.

The following labrid fishes are described as new species from the Western Indian Ocean: Coris latifasciata from the Chagos Archipelago and Maldive Islands, most recently identified as C. batuensis Bleeker, is distinguished from this species by much smaller maximum size, fewer lateral-line scales, more gill rakers, and in color; Iniistius brevipinnis from Eastern Cape, South Africa, unusually colorful for a razorfish, is distinguished mainly by color from I. griffithsi Randall (type locality Mauritius); Novaculops alvheimi from St. Brandon’s Shoals, very similar in color to N. pastellus Randall & Earle from Lord Howe Island, differs in having a more slender body, lower dorsal fin, and one fewer pectoral rays; the Red Sea subspecies Macropharyngodon bipartitus marisrubri Randall is elevated to an endemic Red Sea species, distinct from M. bipartitus of the Indian Ocean in having a deeper body, progressively longer dorsal spines, and in color of the male. Pteragogus clarkae and P. trispilus from the Red Sea, and P. variabilis from Mauritius, St. Brandon’s Shoals, and Aldabra, all three previously identified as P. pelycus Randall, are distinguished by smaller size, straight instead of concave dorsal profile of the head, nearly flat interorbital, and color. A key is provided for the seven Western Indian Ocean species of Pteragogus. Underwater photographs are included that appear to represent five undescribed species from the region for which specimens are not available, two in the genus Iniistius and three in the genus Pteragogus.

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