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Nagalakshmi.R*, Surinder Kaur

The main objective of this research was to formulate an analgesic drug incorporated in topically used sticks, prepared using suitable ointment bases with varied concentrations of waxes, lubricants, surfactants, etc. and incorporation of medicament in the optimized formula by heating and congealing process. Indomethacin was the drug of choice used because; this drug if used orally has a lot of side effects which has to be reduced. The main purpose of this formulation was to dispense medicated derma sticks to the patients, specially suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, as Indomethacin is effective in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Here the patients can apply the medicated derma stick at the site required and as per the need without messing their hands and without tissue toxicity. The medicated sticks were prepared using various other bases but, due to the stability problems the ointment bases were used. The formulation of medicated sticks was carried out which includes preparation of medicated derma sticks Then evaluation of prepared medicated sticks for weight variation, , thickness, length, size and shape, physical appearance, softening point, breaking point, drug content uniformity, in vitro drug diffusion studies by using prehydrated cellophane membrane for 160 minutes in pH 7.2 phosphate buffer and Stability studies were conducted for a period of 3 weeks and FT-IR Spectral analysis was conducted.

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