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OpenWheatBlast: a research community on wheat blast

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OpenWheatBlast: a research community on wheat blast

Wheat blast disease is caused by a fungus called Magnaporthe oryzae (Syn. Pyricularia oryzae).  M. oryzae isolates that infect wheat first appeared in South America in the 1980s before becoming pandemic around 2016. Wheat blast infection can lead to severe crop losses. The OpenWheatBlast community collects research outputs and data sets on wheat blast. Scientists are encouraged to upload any outcomes of their work to this collection to facilitate sharing and discovery of information. Only Open Access material is accepted. All types of research outputs can be uploaded, including Publication, Poster, Presentation, Dataset, Image, Video/Audio, Software etc. Please visit also the related Zenodo community OpenRiceBlast.

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OpenWheatBlast Community is curated by a team of experts. Each time a Zenodo user wants to add a record into the community, an email is sent to the curators that will decide whether to include the record or not.

The current curator list is:

Hernán A. Burbano

Sophien Kamoun

Thorsten Langner

Sergio Latorre

Nick Talbot

Joe Win

March 11, 2021
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