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Extragalactic Spectroscopic Surveys: Past, Present and Future of Galaxy Evolution (GALSPEC2021)

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Extragalactic Spectroscopic Surveys: Past, Present and Future of Galaxy Evolution (GALSPEC2021)

On-line Workshop, April 12 - 16, 2021

VIMOS, the VIsible Multi-Object Spectrograph, was decommissioned in March 2018. After 15 years of operations, VIMOS has amassed over 9700 hours of science data, mostly devoted to spectroscopic surveys of galaxies across cosmic time. This also marked the completion of the two last VIMOS Public Surveys: VANDELS and LEGA-C. To commemorate this milestone, we are celebrating a 5-day workshop to review past and current spectroscopic surveys on galaxy evolution (both with ESO and non-ESO instruments), as well as to explore future surveys that will be soon enabled by new MOS and IFU facilities.

Our understanding of galaxy evolution has changed dramatically in the last decade thanks to large MOS/IFU surveys. These vast datasets have brought into focus the complex interplay between the ages, metallicities and kinematics of galaxies and their mass, size, structure, nuclear activity and environment. Still, there are many open questions (see below) which new instruments will tackle in several fronts. On one hand, MOS/IFU instruments in 30m class telescopes will allow us to peer into the high-z universe with similar depth and spatial resolution as we currently do at lower redshifts. On the other hand, new large-multiplexing facilities like 4MOST and MOONS will dramatically boost the size of galaxy samples.

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March 16, 2021
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