European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education

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The European Workshops on Aircraft Design Education have formed a forum for academic staff active in aircraft design education at European universities.

After the first Workshop in Madrid, 1994, it was agreed that workshops would be organized every two years, hosted by those participants who can find sufficient financial support from their university and from their local or national industry. Objectives are formulated as follows:

  • To allow European lecturers concerned with Aircraft Design to continue their active collaboration.
  • To discuss Aircraft Design problems as regards research and education.
  • To enhance close cooperation with the aerospace industry for the two aspects mentioned above.

In order to allow local organizers the greatest possible freedom and to keep the initiative open as possible to those who are interested to join at any time, it was decided, at least for the time being, not to establish a formal organization.

This paragraph was taken from:
TORENBEEK, E.: Aircraft design education in Europe. In: Aircraft Design, Volume 3, Number 4 (2000), 205-206. -


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