Joint Bioceutical Formulation Registrative Initiative with Darulaceze

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Joint Bioceutical Formulation Registrative Initiative with Darulaceze

We are proud to announce our joint bioceutical formulation registrative Initiative with Darulaceze ; The premier shelter & hospice of our great state ; The institution that welcomes all who are in dire need of a safe haven. This beloved and utmost respected body that helped countless people more than a century now honors us with the privilege of serving as a counterpart to provide additional means of income to be used as extensive humanitarian activities via co-developing national patented formulations and directing their revenue to Darulaceze. With our sincerest & deepest gratitude to His Excellency Mr Bilal Erdogan , Honorable Chairman of the Board Mr Hamza Cebeci and Mr Fuat Kulacoglu , we will be performing and giving our best to be worthy of such honor.



With our Utmost Regards & Gratitude


Mas Pharmaceuticals & Erdal Can Alkoclar &

Metehan Yesil & HC PHarma LTD

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32 Bioceutical Formulation Patents including the newly Exported Formulations to Zada Pharmaceuticals are to be indefinitely attorned to the usage and command of Darulaceze Administrative Board.

December 5, 2019
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