Computer Research Institute of Montreal

Computer Research Institute of Montreal

The Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM) is an applied research center that provides cutting-edge expertise in artificial intelligence and information technologies. CRIM is a strategic partner for all organizations seeking to innovate due to the tangible outcomes from its interventions.

CRIM creates socio-economic value from scientific and technological advances through:

  • Support: providing companies with access to experts who answer scientific and/or technological questions.
  • Applied research: contributing to science development through scientific and technological advances.
  • Experimental development: enabling organizations to reduce technological uncertainties and improve time to market of their products based on their real needs. Knowledge transfer is part of CRIM’s approach to boost client autonomy.

CRIM is a non-profit organization that relies on many financial partners, in particular Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation. Serving Quebec businesses and organizations for more than 35 years, CRIM consistently pursues its role as an economic lever by developing specialized tools, delivering structuring technologies to clients and proactively sharing the best practices and the latest digital innovations.

At the avant-garde, with heart

To make further progress by creating something new but also caring about the human side.


To create socio-economic value from scientific and technological advances in digital technology through research, development and transfer.


To be known and recognized for its expertise in connecting science, technology and the organizations’ needs.


Integrity - to act in the best interest of customers, employees, and the public.

Trust - the foundation of every organization success.


Areas of Excellence

Data Science

Data science is the field of study that combines several domains of expertise, including statistics, scientific methods, data analysis, and data valuation. CRIM experts can work with all types of data.

Artificial Intelligence

CRIM experts excel in machine learning and deep learning, among other domains. All industries and to all types of organizations can benefit of artificial intelligence to increase their competitiveness and/or productivity.

Software Architecture

Software architecture is designed to make the development, evolution, deployment and maintenance of a system easier, minimizing time and costs, and maximizing the productivity of information technology teams.