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Curated by the CSHL Library & Archives Team, this community is intended for use as the open access data set repository for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This repository has been established in conjunction with our Institutional Repository to facilitate the dissemination and preservation of digital material created by the members of CSHL. The repository intends to highlight and preserve CSHL's research to increase the visibility and impact of our pioneering work.

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Curation policy:

Requirements for depositing data into the CSHL Community:

  • The work must be scholarly, or research-oriented.
  • The work must be produced, submitted, or sponsored by faculty members, researchers, staff, or students within the CSHL research community.
  • Data sets that are submitted should be complete and ready for distribution.
  • The work is intended to be a permanent part of the repository.
  • The author/owner must be willing and able to grant CSHL the right to preserve and distribute the work via the CSHL Community.
  • The work must include appropriate documentation and descriptive metadata. It is recommended that datasets be documented sufficiently so that other knowledgeable researchers can find, understand and use the data. 
  • The work being submitted is permissible for public dissemination, access and reuse.
  • If the work is submitted by a graduate student, postdoctoral associate, or other associated lab member; the data deposit must first be approved by the relevant Principal Investigator.

Data that the CSHL Community can NOT accept:

  • Research data on human subjects, animal subjects, use of recombinant DNA, or data that would be under the division of CSHL Office of Research Compliance that has not been approved by the IBC, IRB and/or IACUC for public dissemination. 
  • Materials containing personally identifiable information (such as confidential or patient data) that would prohibit public access.
March 20, 2019
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