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Economics, Management and Sustainability

Economics, Management and Sustainability - Scientific Journal An Open Access Journal. Economics, Management and Sustainability (JEMS) is a peer-reviewed open access journal publishing original high-quality scholarly research...

Curated by: vovkyuriy

Hawaii High-Altitude Permafrost Project

research data collected during field studies on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Curated by: nschorgh

Roman Archaeology

Curated by: kmata

12-Plasmas Froids Systèmes

Ouvrage  Plasmas Froids : systèmes et procédés édité en 2008 : ISBN 978-2862724775 Directeurs de publication : Belmonte Thierry Directeur de collection et Editeur: Mottin Stéphane

Curated by: mottin

UCL Research Data Services

Curated by: danielhanlon

Pan-STARRS Document Control

Technical Reports from the Pan-STARRS Project.   

Curated by: Chambers

ALFA - Advanced Low Flying Aircrafts Detection and Tracking

Protecting European borders against drug trafficking is crucial, which is currently aggravated by the increasing use of small aircraft that allows for almost undetected border crossings, especially coastal borders. Therefore, a system is needed that...

Curated by: ALFA_H2020

EU Project GreenSoul

The GreenSoul project main objective is to achieve higher energy efficiency in public buildings by altering the way people use energy consuming shared devices (lights, printers) and personal devices (personal pluggable appliances). In order to achieve...

Curated by: samgoodall

World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

Curated by: WASET

H2020 datAcron project - Big Data Analytics for Time Critical Mobility Forecasting

The datAcron project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement No. 687591. datAcron is a research and innovation collaborative project targeting at introducing novel methods to detect threats and abnormal activity...

Curated by: ecamossi

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