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Arbeitsgemeinschaft Objektive Hermeneutik e.V. / Association for Objective Hermeneutics

The Association for Objective Hermeneutics (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Objektive Hermeneutik, "AGOH") considers itself to be an association for the advancement of research science, in particular of hermeneutical social research according to the principles...

Curated by: agoh

Genetics and Genomics

Genetics is not merely a set of tools but a coherent and fruitful way of thinking. The complete analysis of any biological phenomenon should take into account genomes, organisms, populations as well as evolutionary perspectives. Such a holistic...

Curated by: korneliapolok

4ONSE: analysis of Four times Open Non-conventional system for Sensing the Environment

In developing and low income countries, there is a lack of efficient, dense and modern monitoring systems due to high costs of hardware and software components, low access to replacements parts and limited local capacity. In addition, conventional...

Curated by: M_Cannata


H2020 project consolidating Open Access to FP7 publications, expanding to a full 100% mandate in Horizon 2020, supporting the Open Research Data pilot of H2020, and consolidating and operating OpenAIRE services, making them EOSC compatible.

Curated by: pedroprincipe

Quantox project team

This community is linekd to the Quantera founded project Quantox

Curated by: quantox

Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Collections of publications related to Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Curated by: jflerat

ITN Enhance Project

The ENHANCE project brings together 7 European universities and 6 industrial partners in cutting-edge hybrid-systems science, spanning from materials to end-user products

Curated by: antonio_cavallaro

Plant Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology involves genetic manipulation to improve crops, contribute to sustainable agriculture, and sustain food supplies as well as to provide pharmaceutical products. While the current focus is mostly on genetic engineering, the area also...

Curated by: korneliapolok

Advanced Prediction in Polar regions and beyond: Modelling, observing system design and LInkages associated with ArctiC ClimATE change

Curated by: luisacristini

Surveying and Monitoring Osteopathic Activity (OsteoSurvey Project)

This community provides open transparent access to the material that was used in the SwissOsteopathsSurvey financed by the Swiss Osteopathy Science Foundation.

Curated by: paul_vaucher

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