Published October 10, 2023 | Version v3.1.0
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DOV-Vlaanderen/pydov: v3.1.0


  • News

  • New features

    • Add support for generic DOV WFS layers. Next to the existing 'fixed' datatypes, this make all other WFS data we publish available in pydov too, allowing to use them using the same search options as for other datatypes. (#383)

      To support this we are now also more relaxed about metadata being available: we will still use it when it's available, but will no longer raise errors when it's not. While all of our layers should have metadata available, most of them don't have a feature catalogue. We will now return 'None' in the description of get_fields() when this is missing.

    • Add support for geometry return fields. (#386)

      While it was already possible to do advanced spatial queries, up until now the resulting dataframes only contained attribute fields and not the geometry of the feature. When the necessary dependencies are installed, it is now possible to add geometry fields to your dataframe using the return_fields parameter. Converting the resulting dataframe into a GeoPandas geodataframe then becomes easy.

  • Fixes and improvements

    • Generate stable and unique GML ids for Box and Point locations. (#387, #388)
    • Fix property name replacement in sort_by. (#390, #391)
    • Update mv_mtaw fields based on updated DOV XML schema. (#395)
  • Documentation-only updates

    • Open tutorial notebooks through documentation. (#385)



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