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Published August 31, 2023 | Version 2.10-1
Software Open

wadpac/GGIR: 2.10-1

  • 1. Accelting
  • 2. Freelance researcher and consultant
  • 3. Shimmer Research Ltd
  • 4. @zoe
  • 5. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • 6. Netherlands eScience Center
  • 7. University of Leicester
  • 8. University of Chicago
  • 9. @open-life-science


A bit belated as it has been on CRAN for a couple of weeks and I have been on leave. The code is same though:

  • Part 1 + 2: File health log captured by dependency GGIRread::readAxivity and incorporated in data_quality_report #866
  • Part 1: Fix ID extraction for externally generated epoch files #869
  • Sleep log: Argument nnigths is now deprecated and number of nights are detected automatically in sleep logs #856
  • Sleep log: Minor fixed related to misplaced parenthesis in g.loadlog and automatic extension of sleeplog matrix if needed to avoid error #867
  • General: When recording starts after midnight and before 4am, then the wake time for this first day is now derived in parts 3-4 and used in part 5 #859
  • Part 1: Fix major bug to .gt3x data autocalibration (only ActiGraph), where autocalibration was done but not applied to the data #864
  • Refactored code for functions g.analyse.perfile and various functions which name starts with "g.part5"



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