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Published July 25, 2023 | Version v2
Presentation Open

Participatory, generative design methods: How to involve end-users as active participants in the design of information architecture

  • 1. Royal Danish Library
  • 2. Aalborg University, Denmark


Participatory design (PD) and the related generative methods is a design approach involving stakeholders as active partners in the design process. PD is used in many settings and in all stages of the design process. Within the design of information architecture (IA), there are only a few examples where IA is developed from a participatory mindset. This study aimed to extend our knowledge about participatory design methods investigating how three different generative tools provided insights to use in IA design. The study was exploratory and analyzed in a case study how the generative tools allowed users to interactively develop and evaluate IA design ideas. The tools provided insights into user expectations for instance, to subject terms, customization, filtering, and federated search. Concerning user involvement, two of the tools proved well suited to get the participants involved in the discussion about IA, while the third tool provided fewer user insights. Important considerations in the use of PD were related to the design of the tools and time available for the participatory activity. The study further showed that the characteristics of participants may influence the results, specifically their IT competences. 



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