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Published August 3, 2023 | Version v2.40.3
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This patch release of MAPL 2.40 has fixes for using the NAG compiler on Linux. MAPL 2.40.1 broke NAG compatibility with Linux when fixing for macOS. When using the NAG compiler with MAPL 2.40.3, you must use ESMA_cmake v3.31.1 as well for the right flags. Note that for Intel and GNU, this is a no-op change.

All tests show zero-diff to MAPL 2.40.2

The libraries this version of MAPL is currently tested with are below. (This is a change since MAPL 2.39)

  • Baselibs 7.14.0
    • netcdf-c 4.9.2 (Needed for quantize support, but not required for all of MAPL)
    • netcdf-fortran 4.6.1 (Needed for quantize support, but not required for all of MAPL)
    • ESMF 8.5.0 (required)
    • GFE 1.11.0
      • gFTL 1.10.0
      • gFTL-shared 1.6.1
      • pFUnit 4.7.3 (optional)
      • fArgParse 1.5.0 (if -DBUILD_WITH_FARGPARSE=YES, default=YES)
      • pFlogger 1.9.5 (if -DBUILD_WITH_PFLOGGER=YES, default=YES)
      • FLAP geos/v1.10.0 (if -DBUILD_WITH_FLAP=YES, default=NO)

Also, if you build with -DUSE_F2PY=ON, you will need:

  • ESMA_cmake v3.31.1

We recommend most external users set -DUSE_F2PY=OFF

From Changed
  • Update components.yaml
    • ESMA_cmake v3.31.1 (Fixes for NAG)
  • Undoing previous workaround for NAG + MAPL_Config.F90 in v2.40.1 which was a workaround was not portable to Linux. Instead, this uses changes in ESMA_cmake v3.31.1 for flags with NAG.
  • Updated FindESMF.cmake file to match that of ESMF v8.5.0
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