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Sentiment Analysis of Flipkart Product Reviews using Natural Language Processing

  • 1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore, (Tamil Nadu), India.


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  • 1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore, (Tamil Nadu), India.


Abstract: In this contemporary world, people depend more on ecommerce sites or applications to purchase items on-line. People purchase items on-line based upon the scores and evaluates offered by individuals that purchased items previously which identifies the success or failing of the item. Furthermore, business suppliers or manufacturers identify the success or failing of their item by evaluating the evaluates offered by the clients. In current system, a number of techniques were utilized to evaluate a dataset of item evaluates. It likewise provided belief category formulas to use a monitored discovering of the item evaluates situated in 2 various datasets. The proposed speculative methods examined the precision of all belief category formulas, and ways to identify which formula is more precise. Additionally, the existing system unable to spot phony favorable evaluates and phony negative reviews with discovery procedures. One of the most popular works was done "Bad" and "Outstanding" seed words are utilized by him to determine the semantic positioning, factor smart shared info technique is utilized to determine the semantic positioning. The belief positioning of a file was determined as the typical semantic positioning of all such expressions. Semantic Positioning of context independent viewpoints is identified and the context reliant viewpoints utilizing linguistic guidelines to infer positioning of context unique reliant viewpoint are thought about. Contextual info from various other evaluates that discuss the exact same item function to identify the context indistinct-dependent viewpoints were drawn out.


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