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Gravitational Waves. Introduction to the Gravitational Waves Equation


  • 1. Eindhoven University of Technology


Gravitational Waves represent the transport of Gravitational Energy through Space.  Equation (101) and in particular (107) and (108) represent the “Gravitational Wave Equation”. The article presents a new theory in physics which explains the interaction between gravity and light with mathematical results close to General Relativity (15 digits beyond the decimal point equal result) and unifies General Relativity with Quantum Physics by the fundamental elementary particle: the GEON. The GEON [1] is a fundamental solution of the relativistic quantum mechanical Dirac equation (Quantum Physics) and the confinement has been controlled by the fundamental interaction between Gravity and Light (General Relativity). The GEON is the most fundamental elementary particle and can be created by the compression of light into extremely high densities. The GEON appears when an equilibrium has been established between the expanding radiation pressure of light and the confining gravitational force of light. The GEON is the fundamental solution of the relativistic quantum mechanical Dirac equation. For this reason the GEON particle unifies Quantum Physics with General Relativity. The confinement of GEONS is only possible at discrete values. (Quantisation of Energy, Light and Gravity). The GEON carries the mass inside the structures of matter (Elementary Particles). The radius of a GEON with the mass of a proton (1.67×10-27 kg) equals 3 10-58 [m]. [30] PlotGraph 3, page 24. The GEON represents the creation of matter/anti-matter by Electromagnetic-Gravitational interaction.

The new theory in physics has been based on the “divergence-free linear 4-dimensional stress-energy tensor in the Minkowski Space”. The difference between Einstein’s General Relativity and this theory is the different approach. Einstein has deformed (non-linear and non-divergence free) the “4-dimensional Stress-Energy Tensor” by introducing the curved 4-dimensional Riemannian Manifold to explain the interaction between Gravity and Light. The new theory describes the interaction between different fields (Electric, Magnetic and Gravitational) by identical interaction terms, generated by the separate divergence and the separate rotation of the different fields. (equation 24).

The theory describes “Electromagnetic-Gravitational Interaction”, “Magnetic-Gravitational Interaction” and “Electric-Gravitational Interaction”. In this new theory particles do not interact with fields. The interaction between an electric charged particle and an electric field is not the interaction between a particle and a field but it is the interaction between the electric field of the particle interacting with the other  electric field. Every interaction is an interaction between fields. Electric Fields interact with Electric Fields , Magnetic Fields interact with Magnetic Fields and Gravitational Fields interact with Gravitational Fields.

Electric Fields interact with 1st order Lorentz Transformed Magnetic Fields. Magnetic Fields interact with 1st order Lorentz Transformed Electric Fields.

Gravitational Fields have been created by accelerated (Confined) 2nd order Lorentz Transformed Electromagnetic Fields.

Electromagnetic Fields interact with 2nd order Lorentz Transformed Gravitational Fields. Gravitational Fields interact with 2nd order Lorentz Transformed (Confined) Electromagnetic Fields. This has been called: “Electromagnetic-Gravitational Interaction”.


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