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Published June 15, 2023 | Version v1.5.0
Software Open

GeoStat-Framework/GSTools: v1.5.0 'Nifty Neon'

  • 1. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ



  • 1. Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ
  • 2. Hydrogeology Group, Department of Earth Science, Utrecht University, Netherlands


Release Notes

This release brings better support for spatio-temporal models as well as some updates for models on geographic coordinates.


You can install GSTools with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge gstools

or with pip:

pip install gstools


The documentation can be found at:

What's new?


  • added temporal flag to CovModel to explicitly specify spatio-temporal models #308
    • rotation between spatial and temporal dimension will be ignored
    • added spatial_dim to CovModel to explicitly set spatial dimension for spatio-temporal models
      • if not using spatial_dim, the provided dim needs to include the possible temporal dimension
      • spatial_dim is always one less than field_dim for spatio-temporal models
    • also works with latlon=True to have a spatio-temporal model with geographic coordinates
    • all plotting routines respect this
    • the Field class now has a temporal attribute which forwards the model attribute
    • automatic variogram fitting in kriging classes for temporal=True and latlon=True will raise an error
  • added geo_scale to CovModel to have a more consistent way to set the units of the model length scale for geographic coordinates #308
    • no need to use rescale for this anymore (was rather a hack)
    • added gs.KM_SCALE which is the same as gs.EARTH_RADIUS for kilometer scaling
    • added gs.DEGREE_SCALE for great circle distance in degrees
    • added gs.RADIAN_SCALE for great circle distance in radians (default and previous behavior)
    • yadrenko variogram respects this and assumes the great circle distances is given in the respective unit
    • vario_estimate also has geo_scale now to control the units of the bins
  • vario_estimate now forwards additional kwargs to standard_bins (bin_no, max_dist) #308
  • added low and high arguments to uniform transformation #310


  • CovModels expect special arguments by keyword now #308
  • always use f-strings internally #283
  • removed verbose attribute from RandMeth classes #309
  • all arguments for RandMeth classes key-word-only now except model #309
  • rename "package" to "api" in doc structure #290


  • latex equations were not rendered correctly in docs #290



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