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A Review on Technologies in Robotic Gripper

  • 1. Student, MIT Art Design and Technology University, Pune (Maharashtra), India.
  • 2. Associate Professor, MIT Art Design and Technology University, Pune (Maharashtra), India.


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  • 1. Student, MIT Art Design and Technology University, Pune (Maharashtra), India.


Abstract: Robots are replacing human workers in many industries due which increases efficiency, productivity and thus results in high operational quality. An intelligent robot is the one which interact with the environment and can take the decisions itself. Domestic robots can also provide assistance to physically disabled or elder people in their day to day life. Pressing the demands of enhanced productivity has necessitated the deployment of robot to automate tasks (Baizid et al., 2015). A manipulator can be geared with end-effector to complete variety of tasks. Robotic grippers are used in agriculture, food processing industry, packaging of food, palletizing of boxes and many more. Grippers are the device that enables robots to grasp and grip objects. The designing of end effector should be done by considering its specific application in industry. On comparison of gripper with human hand, a robot’s gripper is very bounded in terms of mechanical movement, practical service and general applications. To use the full ability of robotic technology, the gripper must be designed more of a like human hand. This paper attempts to describe the different technologies of Robotic gripper which help the people which would be a Businessman as well as common people or Industrialist. The main target of this paper is to contribute some information on different on robotic grippers, since selection of gripper plays a fundamental part in robot’s productivity and performance.


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