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Tropical deforestation drivers 2008-2019, 100m, IIASA - accompanying file to

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The zip file contains the map used for the statistics calculated in the publication 'A Continental Assessment of the Drivers of Tropical Deforestation With a Focus on Protected Areas', available at

This is a first version of the drivers of forest loss map, It is an allocation of crowdsourced data on predominant drivers of forest loss (data available here to the Hansen et al (2013) dataset of global tree loss (v 1.7), set to a resolution of 100x100 m.

Furthermore, the classes 'Other subsistence agriculture' and 'Shifting cultivation' are parts of the 'Subsistence agriculture' class on the original crowdsourced data, separated by extracting shifting agriculture according to Heinimann et al (2017).

The map is in Goode Homolosine projection.


Deforestation Drivers 100m

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