Published June 2, 2023 | Version v1
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Community building in the Netherland & beyond: the Data Stewards Interest Group (DSIG)

  • 1. Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL)/Health-RI


Presentation on the the Netherlands "Data Stewards Interest Group (DSIG)", an informal and inclusive community hub for data stewards and like-minded in the Netherlands (and abroad) to share experiences. The DSIG is open to everyone who is interested in data stewardship and not limited to a specific academic discipline, nor to the Netherlands, but it is Netherlands based. 

  • See for more info the DSIG website
  • This presentation is based on:
  • Acknowledgements: Curtis Sharma/Skills4EOSC (mentimeter survey screenshots), Ruben Kok (TDCC image slide 7) & all data stewards participating in the DSIG 


DSIG presentation_Meeting EOSC Data Stewardship Taskforce_2023_06_02.pdf

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