Published June 5, 2023 | Version v1
Working paper Open

5G PPP Trials Results 2022 - Key Performance Indicators measured in advanced 5G Trial Sites

  • 1. 6G-IA
  • 2. WINGS ICT Solutions
  • 3. COSMOTE
  • 4. Trust-IT


The results presented in this white paper are based on the work carried out by 15 Phase 3 5GPPP R&I projects that engaged in 5G-enabled trials in 2022 and early 2023. These fifteen projects performed field measurement in 36 distinct 5G Trial Sites, constructed across 14 European countries, during which a total of 50 vertical use cases were tested and validated via the implementation of about 80 distinct trial scenarios. A large variety of diversified 5G technologies, features and settings were used across the different projects, covering outdoor and indoor scenarios as well as stationary and mobile, different operational frequency bands and 5G system releases, architecture and configurations, as well as complementary technologies. The extensive set of parameters and configuration used during the 5GPPP Phase 3 trials proves the versatility of 5G networks and offers cumulative insights with regards to the expected 5G performance in diversified scenarios. The analysis provided, validates the performance of 5G networks in the field (in terms of data rates and latency) while also confirming the enhanced performance delivered by Stand Alone (SA) 5G networks and providing insights regarding the delivered field performance per vertical application.


5GPPP TMV_White paper_Final Trial KPIs_v1.0.pdf

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