Published May 14, 2023 | Version 0.1.2
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e-kotov/wikimapR: 0.1.2


  • 1. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research


wikimapR is an R package for accessing the raw vector data from Wikimapia via official Wikimapia API. Map data is returned as Simple Features (sf) objects with some of the object details included as nested lists.

WARNING: the package may NOT work for now because of the breaking change in the Wikimapia API. More details at #2. Using ‘example’ API key does not seem to work, however everything seems to be working with private API keys.

Technical info

wikimapR 0.1.2 (2023-05-14) New features

  • Added set_wikimapia_api_key() to make API keys available for all Wikimapia API calls in a session so you don't have to keep specifying the wm_api_key argument each time

Breaking changes

  • wm_get_by_id() changed the main argument from x to ids. This is more intuitive, since the function accepts vectors of length > 1. It is also nwo easier to debug the code. Help section fixed accordingly

Minor improvements and fixes

  • Fixed issue/bug #1 (errors due to deprecation of dplyr::progress_estimated() )
  • Removed unneeded dependencies (lwgeom, rlist), add progress dependency due to deprecation of dplyr::progress_estimated()



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