Published May 11, 2023 | Version v0.2.2
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epinowcast/epinowcast: Epinowcast 0.2.2

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  • 2. ETH Zürich
  • 3. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
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  • 5. University of Turin
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This is a minor release that fixes a bug in the handling of optional initial conditions that was introduced by a recent change in cmdstan 2.32.1. Upgrading is recommended for all users who wish to use versions of cmdstan beyond 2.32.0. In addition to fixing this issue, the release also includes some minor documentation and vignette improvements, along with enhancements in input checking.


@sbfnk and @seabbs contributed code to this release.

@seabbs reviewed pull requests for this release.

@sbfnk and @seabbs reported bugs reported bugs, made suggestions, or contributed to discussions that led to improvements in this release.

  • Improved the handling of optional initial conditions so that they are consistently passed as arrays to stan as required by cmdstan 2.32.1. This fix is required in order to use versions of cmdstan beyond 2.32.0. See #276 by @seabbs and self-reviewed.
  • Added input checking for max_delay in enw_preprocess_data() to ensure that the maximum delay is greater than or equal to 1 and that it can be coerced to be an integer. See #274 by @sbfnk and reviewed by @seabbs.
  • Improved the discrete delay distributions vignette including escaping functions to improve readibility and right-closing discretised bins. See #275 by @sbfnk and reviewed by @seabbs.
  • Improved the documentation for max_delay in enw_preprocess_data() and fixed a typo in the same documentation. See #274 by @sbfnk and reviewed by @seabbs.
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