Published August 31, 2002 | Version v1
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The family Tornidae in the East Atlantic


Thirty nine species of West African Gastropoda belonging to the family Tornidae are studied. They are included in the genera Tornus, Sigaretornus, Ponderinella, Discopsis, Naricava and Pseudoliotia. The placement of these two last genera in Tornidae is provisional. Of the 39 studied species, 13 are included in the genus Tornus, 1 in Sigaretornus, 5 in Ponderinella, 17 in Discopsis, 2 in Naricava and 1 in Pseudoliotia. Of all those, 23 are described as new species: 7 in the genus Tornus, 1 in Sigaretornus, 4 in Ponderinella, 8 in Discopsis, 2 in Naricava, and 1 in Pseudoliotia. One species of Discopsis is kept without a name due the bad condition of the studied material. The genus Cochliolepis Stimpson, 1858, long used for African species, is considered as belonging in the family Vitrinellidae and the genus Discopsis de Folin, 1869 is employed for the Tornidae species previously attributed to it. New anatomical and radular information is presented for some species, and a key for generic and specific identification is proposed.



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