Published September 11, 2023 | Version v1
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Supplementary material for "A database for the comparison of measured datasets of human voice directivity"

  • 1. TH Köln, University of Applied Sciences


[1] C. Pörschmann. “A database for the comparison of measured datasets of human voice directivity," in Proceedings of the Forum Acusticum, Torino, Italy, 2023.


This study presents a database that allows direct comparison and visualization of datasets from 19 different studies. The data is collected from tables, plots, and datasets from the supplemental material of the respective studies. Some studies present directivity patterns averaged over a whole sentence, while others report phoneme-dependent data. Furthermore, these datasets vary in their sampling grids, with many measured in the horizontal plane and just a few measured spherically. Most datasets included in this work present frequency-band averaged values, for example, in one-third octave bands, while a few newer studies provide the raw data in the form of transfer functions.

Furthermore, the supplementary material contains voice directivity datasets determined over a complete sentence determined for a phonetically balanced German sentence (measured twice for 13 subjects).


The .pdf file contains

  • information on the database that allows comparing the results of 19 publications on voice directivities
  • general information on the voice directivity files in the SOFA format
  • information on the indices and names of the SOFA-files
  • additional plots



  • Excel-file containing datasets from the publications given in frequency-bands
  • SOFA-Files (sampled on sparse grid) of all own datasets from previous studies
  • Matlab scripts for importing, upsampling and  visualizing all voice directivity datasets considered in the database


The files contain voice directivities patterns averaged over one phonetically balanced sentence in the SOFA format

  • sampled on the sparse measuring grid
  • upsampled to a dense grid


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