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Published April 6, 2023 | Version v1
Poster Open

Wissen vernetzen ist wie Sterne beobachten: Ein Wissensgraph der Korrespondenz Constance de Salm (1767-1845)

  • 1. Universität Trier


The two files are a PNG and a PDF of the poster I created in context of the Digital History conference taking place in Berlin in 2023. 

The project focuses the transformation of already existing data models of digital letter editions into a Linked Open Data approach with a special emphasis on Semantic Web Technologies and Knowledge Graphs.
The main object of interest is the "Correspondence of Constance de Salm (1767-1845) " a collection of (digital) letters with its home at the DHIP. I previously worked on this project during my two-month internship there, now continue in my Masters' thesis.



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