Published October 6, 2022 | Version v1
Poster Open

A Pilot Characterization Study Assessing Health Equity in Mental Healthcare Delivery within the State of Georgia

  • 1. Georgia Tech Research Institute


Mental health research is of particular to many in different communities across the globe. In the US specifically, the recent unprecedented spike in mental health disorders and surge in adverse outcomes stemming from mental illness underscore the need for better understanding of mental illness. Based on literature about the social determinants of health and health disparities, it is known that the health landscape in the US is not equitable; mental healthcare is no exception to that.

For this pilot investigation into mental healthcare delivery, we created a characterization study that characterized patients having conditions of bipolar disorder, depression, and suicidality in the state of Georgia using claims data. We investigated these three conditions because they are some of the more relatively understudied conditions in mental health research, are costly for both patients and providers, and have high morbidity rates associated with them. The Georgia patient populations were characterized to determine baseline crude prevalence rates and initial work was done to investigate patients' loss to follow up of care after condition diagnosis.



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