Published March 14, 2023 | Version Version 1.0
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HETEAC – The Hybrid End-To-End Aerosol Classification model for EarthCARE: Look-Up Table (LUT) for aerosol mixtures

  • 1. Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (TROPOS), Leipzig, Germany
  • 2. Free University of Berlin (FUB), Institute for Space Science, Berlin, Germany
  • 3. Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), De Bilt, The Netherlands
  • 4. European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), Reading, United Kingdom
  • 5. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The dataset contains the look-up table (LUT) of EarthCARE’s Hybrid End-To-End Aerosol Classification (HETEAC) model. The LUT contains optical and radiative parameters for four pure aerosol components (fine mode weakly absorbing, fine mode strongly absorbing, coarse mode spherical and coarse mode non-spherical) and their mixtures. In total, 314 aerosol mixtures are considered. The LUT returns the mixing state of an aerosol mixture based on the lidar ratio and the particle linear depolarization ratio at 355 nm. The mixing state is expressed in terms of relative volume contribution of the four pure aerosol components. Additionally, the LUT returns the effective radius, the asymmetry parameter, the single scattering albedo (at 355, 532, 550, 670, 865, 1064, 1650 and 2210 nm) and the Angstrom exponent (at 28 wavelength combinations) of the aerosol mixture. The lidar ratio and the particle linear depolarization ratio is also provided at 532, 550, 670, 865, 1064, 1650 and 2210 nm.

The datafile contains two top-level groups: the HeaderData, which contains the header variables, and the ScienceData with the variables. The latter contains two groups, the AerosolComponents, which includes the aerosol-component-related optical and microphysical variables, and the LookUpTable, which contains the HETEAC LUT variables.

The variables included in the datafile are listed below. For each variable, a full description is provided in the long_name attribute.

  • HeaderData
    • angstrom_exponent_header
  • ScienceData
    • AerosolComponents
      • backscatter
      • effective_radius
      • extinction
      • logarithmic_width
      • mode_radius_number
      • mode_radius_volume
      • particle_linear_depolarization_ratio
      • refractive_index_imaginary
      • refractive_index_real
      • scattering
    • LookUpTable
      • angstrom_exponent
      • asymmetry_parameter
      • effective_radius
      • lidar_ratio
      • particle_linear_depolarization_ratio
      • relative_volume_contribution
      • single_scattering_albedo
    • radiation_wavelength


For any further clarifications or expression of interest with respect to the EarthCARE LUT, please contact Ulla Wandinger ( and/or Athena Augusta Floutsi (


This work was funded by ESA grants 4000112018/14/NL/CT (APRIL) and 4000134661/21/NL/AD (CARDINAL).


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