Published March 8, 2023 | Version v1
Report Open

Summary Report: Canadian Research Data Repositories and the Re3data Repository Registry

  • 1. University of Toronto
  • 2. Cape Breton University
  • 3. National Research Council Canada
  • 4. University of Calgary
  • 5. McGill University
  • 6. Scholars Portal
  • 7. Saint Mary's University
  • 8. University of New Brunswick


Data collector:


  • 1. Saint Mary's University
  • 2. University of British Columbia


The goal of this project was to review and update existing Canadian repository entries in the re3data repository registry, as well as to identify new repository candidates and coordinate their submission to the registry. Additionally, the project aimed to highlight the value of the re3data repository registry for different stakeholders within the Canadian research data community. A list of recommendations has been developed for researchers and data service providers on how to improve the discoverability and accuracy of their data repositories via re3data.


Summary Report_Canadian Research Data Repositories and the Re3data Repository Registry.pdf