Published March 3, 2023 | Version v1.0
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On the taxonomy of Lasiurus

  • 1. Carleton University
  • 2. American Museum of Natural History
  • 3. University of Antwerp
  • 4. Arizona State University
  • 5. University of New Mexico


Author's note: this taxonomic decision is part of a series by members of the Global Bat Taxonomy Working Group to help settle ongoing disputes in the taxonomic literature and suggest targets for data collection.  See the concise conclusion below as well as the full article with background and justification in PDF & DOCX formats for download.



We recommend the recognition of Lasiurus, Dasypterus, and Aeorestes as subgenera within the genus Lasiurus for the following reasons:

  1. The genus Lasiurus thus defined is monophyletic;
  2. The use of subgenera is appropriate to recognize groupings within the genus;
  3. There are no objective criteria for suggesting that a particular timing or degree of divergence merits elevating these subgenera to genera, and in any case there is considerable uncertainty in estimated divergence times of these groups and other genera in the family Vespertilionidae; and finally that
  4. Retention of the genus Lasiurus for all members of the tribe Lasiurini meets the ICZN (1999) goal of promoting maximum stability in nomenclature. 


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