Published February 28, 2023 | Version v1
Journal article Open

Autogynephilia nad inverted sex-partner roles in heterosexual men: A pilot survey report

  • 1. The Institute of Sex Research, Opole, Poland


Ib the research on autogynephilia–the tendency of some men to respond with sexual
arousal to the thought of being a woman–is an aspect that has been poorly studied; it is the role
autogynephiles play in sexual acts (sex-partner roles; SPR). The pilot survey, using a specially
designed SPR scale, shows a very strong correlation between the occurrence of autogynephilia and
the tendency to fullfill passive SPR and the propensity to submissiveness in sexual relations,
suggesting that these are elements (aspects) of a shared phenomenon. The pasivism-submissiveness
complex seems to be a wider entity because while almost all cases of autogynephilia entail
pasivism-submissiveness, the latter property can also occur in non-autoogynephiles (also
exclusively heterosexual); thus creating a category of persons that has not been described in the
literature so far. Research results also suggest that the tendency to fulfill certain SPR is a quality
independent of the sexual orientation of the individual.


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