Published February 28, 2023 | Version 1.0
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Report on legacy systems and their connection to the S&R-related technical characteristics, V2


This document is the final report of T6.6 Legacy systems. D6.9 contains the final updates on the collected information, properties and characteristics, as well as taxonomy approaches of the chosen legacy systems.
EU legacy systems, such as PAGER, have been used in the project and more specifically in the use cases where the emergency was an earthquake. In addition, valuable knowledge coming from another legacy system (e.g SUMMA’s medical service) were extracted, in order to design and implement COncORDE’s patient management system & triage.
D6.9 lists the final legacy systems and analyze their usage during SnR Operations (Use Cases - Pilot Scenarios).


SnR_D6.9 - Report on legacy systems and their connection to the S&R related technical characteristics,V2_v1.00.pdf

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