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Published February 27, 2023 | Version v2.1.0
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marlinarnz/quetzal_germany: Sufficiency scenarios



This release creates three maximum sufficiency scenarios, incorporating a large set of political, technological, social, economic, and organisational drivers, attributed to the corresponding scenario: Avoid, Shift, Avoid+Shift (compared to a reference scenario). Results indicate which transport systems could be possible in Germany.

This release added some policy levers to the notebooks, accessible via the corresponding parameters in parameters.xls:

  • Add car sharing to the mode choice model
  • Change the average speed of rail_long services between major cities (urbanisation = 1; population > 100,000)
  • Add car-free inner cities, together with park-and-ride option in mode choice model
  • Influence employed persons, employment, and the number of POIs by urbanisation degree

Additionally, this release

  • makes the full model runnable from the 00_launcher notebook
  • enhances the documentation of modelling steps and their order
  • refined the OD set sampling for computers with standard RAM
  • added validation notebook category and a scenario validation dashboard
  • fixed time issue for non-motorised paths and re-calibrated
  • reworked the inner-zonal modelling (independent on exogenous data; i.e. all assumptions moved to parameters.xls)
  • connects price sensitivity parameter to input parameter income change
  • fixed some bugs



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