Published February 6, 2023 | Version v3
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D4.6 Legal and Policy Framework and Federation Blueprint


Development of EOSC is influenced by the parallel development at the national and regional levels. Requirements for open data, data protection and cross border data access rely on a common understanding of existing regulations procedures in countries and their differences.

This deliverable presents the legal and organisational aspects of services delivery in a federated environment and recommends actions that enable service providers to position their services for improved interoperation in the context of the EOSC services landscape. The objectives of this deliverable are:

  • a study of the legal and policy state of the art in the involved countries, highlighting commonalities to be leveraged and gaps or challenges to be tackled in order to help harmonise and improve the national policies and strategies related to FAIR data and Open Science,
  • proposing recommendations for the rules and procedures with respect to legal issues regarding open access and open data,
  • proposing policy recommendations for services management, focusing on the management of service level agreements, and
  • delivering a blueprint for EOSC which can be used by service providers as a guideline for legal aspects of service and data provisioning in a European and an international context

The document sketches a policy and legal framework by building upon the existing national policies, delivers recommendations, and considers the aspects that come with agreement on service delivery in a federated IT landscape. These can help to establish a governance structure for service providers and other organisations that handle scientific data.

The checklist is also available as a separate, actionable, document:

The recommendations are also available as a separate digital document:



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