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Published February 2, 2023 | Version 14.1.0
Software Open

geoschem/geos-chem: GEOS-Chem 14.1.0

  • 1. Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • 2. Harvard University
  • 3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 4. University of Wollongong
  • 5. Florida State University
  • 6. ASRC, SUNY-Albany
  • 7. University of Rochester
  • 8. University of Minnesota


Release date: 01 Feb 2023

This is a minor version release featuring the updates listed below.

From Added
  • Added dry deposition updates to Hg0 from Feinberg22 ESPI publication + AMAP emissions
  • Added MO2 + NO3 = NO2 + CH2O + HO2 reaction
  • Added capability to write species metadata to YAML file
  • Added satellite diagnostic (SatDiagn) collection, to archive several fields within a user-defined local-time interval. CAVEAT: For now, only one local-time interval is permitted.
  • Added adaptive solver (rosenbrock_autoreduce) option for fullchem mechanism
  • Added entries for BALD, BENZP, BZCO3H, NPHEN to JValues collection in HISTORY.rc for GCHP
  • Added GCHP run script and environment files for MIT clusters Hex and Svante
  • Added operational GCHP and GCClassic environment and run scripts for the University of York cluster, Viking
  • Added tagO3 run directory for GCHP
  • Added upwards mass flux diagnostic to GCHP History collection LevelEdgeDiags
  • Added timestep menu to GCHP geoschem_config.yml template files
  • Added HTAPv3 inventory as a global emissions option (off by default)
  • Added carbon simulation and KPP mechanism for CO-CO2-CH4-OCS
  • Added GCHP run script and environment file for UCI Australia cluster Gadi
  • Moved in-module variables in global_ch4_mod.F90 to State_Chm
  • Moved in-module variables in hco_interface_gc_mod.F90 to State_Met and State_Chm
  • Modified SpeciesConc diagnostic to include option to output units in v/v or molec/cm3
  • Rebuilt fullchem and Hg mechanisms with KPP 3.0.0
  • Changed HEMCO timecycle flag for QFED and offline emissions from EF to EFY
  • Updated the time refresh settings for O3_PROD and O3_LOSS in ExtData.rc.tagO3 to read data on the first of each month.
  • Fixed sign of Arrhenius "A" coefficient in reaction ETO = HO2 + 2CH2O
  • Fixed products in HOBr + SO2 and HOCl + SO2 reactions
  • Changed MW_g value of CH4 from 16.05 to 16.04
  • Added "WD_CoarseAer:true" for SO4s and NITs in species_database.yml
  • Fixed bug in computing State_Met surface type logicals (IsLand, IsWater, etc)
  • Fixed bug where State_Met%FRSNO (fraction snow) was all zeros in GCHP
  • Fixed HCFC141b and HCFC142b names in GCHP HISTORY.rc
  • Fixed list of complex SOA species checked in input_mod.F90
  • Now use a string array for reading the list of ObsPack diagnostic species (in GeosCore/input_mod.F90)
  • Fixed bug in logic that caused restart files not to be linked to the Restarts/ folder of the GCHP tagO3 run directory
  • Fixed timestamp for GCClassic History diagnostic so time-averaged collections match the reference time
  • Fixed double-titration of seasalt alkalinity
  • Removed LRED_JNO2 and AERO_HG2_PARTITON switches from HEMCO_Config.rc (and related code)

See the GEOS-Chem 14.1.0 page for a complete list of updates.

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