Published April 30, 2022 | Version v1
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Development of PHYSIO DSS component, V2


The present deliverable is a technical document which provides the specifications for performing the correct calls to the webservices offered by the second version of the PHYSIO DSS (PHYSIOlogical evolution of the victim Decision Support System) component, which is part of the Decision Support System of the S&R project. The implementation of the PHYSIO DSS, that is the webservices residing on the CNR server, constitutes the real result related to part of the work done in the framework of task T4.5 “Development of DSS components”.
This deliverable is strictly connected to the deliverable D4.10 (Design of the PHYSIO DSS component, V2) which provides instead a more detailed description of the functionalities offered by the component, by specifying all the modules and functions constituting the PHYSIO DSS.
During the first period of the project, efforts have been addressed in particular to the design of the entire component, with the definition of most of the modules and functions, with the relative implementation in the testing environment (MATLAB) as well as with the set-up of the production (release) environment (a Webservice with a C++ implementation of the modules). After the release of the first version of the component, therefore, most of the work has been made above all for the implementation of the component in the production environment, with the release of the Webservices, and in the verification process for a complete consistency between the two implementations (MATLAB and C++). Details about the verification process will be given in the relative deliverable D4.13 “DSS Validation, V2” foreseen for August 2022.


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