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Deliverable 4.4 Collaborative environment and custom participatory space builder

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This deliverable focuses on the process of developing a usable, accessible, and participatory digital platform that allows consortium partners and eventually a larger audience of participants to autonomously create and engage in digital collaborations and processes to forward the InDICEs agenda. In previous deliverables there has been extensive description of the partners on boarding journeys that has enabled them to assume administrative responsibilities and tasks as well as how outside cultural, heritage communities have been incorporated onto the platform.

Therefore, this deliverable will explore more of the technical developments and adaptations to innovate the Decidim platform and the process to engage partners in driving the design. For example, salient features that make this platform unique are the Self Assessment Tool (SAT), the exploration of participatory research, and the implementation of webLyzard technology (WLT) widgets. All of these features have prominently involved partners in the conceptualization, design, and development and this deliverable will discuss how partners have been integrated so that the platform reflects the collective force of the consortium partners. Finally, this deliverable will also explore the customizations, use of Github in the development of the project and the road ahead for 2021.

Ultimately, this deliverable aims to highlight the progress towards developing a free and open digital platform for participatory engagement that is practiced in not just the execution but also in the collaborative design of the platform and its tools and resources.


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