Published October 7, 2022 | Version v1
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FEELINGS, ONERA's optical ground terminal for AO pre-compensated GEO Feeder links demonstration


These last years have seen a raising interest for ground to GEO satellites optical very high throughput links, i.e. GEO-feeder links, or GEO-FL. However, despite their potential, these applications have to overcome atmospheric turbulence, which requires the development of mitigation techniques, such as adaptive optics (AO). In the case of GEO-FL, AO performance is limited by the Point-Ahead Angle (PAA) induced anisoplanatism. We describe here how our feedback on our field experiments helped us to design ONERA’s AO-compensated ground station, FEELINGS, and the status of said ground station in the fall of 2022.



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VERTIGO – VERy high Throughput Satellite-Ground Optical Link 822030
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