Published September 12, 2022 | Version 1.0
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Research data supporting "Tin phosphide anodes for potassium-ion batteries: insights from crystal structure prediction"

  • 1. University of Cambridge, UCLouvain
  • 2. University of Birmingham


This dataset contains the output files of crystal structure prediction calculations (density-functional theory relaxations, bandstructures, phonon calculations, GIPAW-NMR calculations) on the ternary K-Sn-P phase diagram. All calculations were performed with the CASTEP DFT package ( and the "matador" Python library (


  • "": contains the results of convergence tests on the K-P system at two levels of accuracy "polish" and "searches" on the corresponding edge of the K-Sn-P ternary system
  • "": contains CASTEP output files for phonon calculations on the predicted low-lying phases on the corresponding edge of the K-Sn-P phase diagram
  • "": contains CASTEP output files of relaxations on the corresponding edge of the K-Sn-P system at the "polish" level of accuracy using various different xc-functionals or external pressures.
  • "": contains ".res" files that provide the relaxed structure from each different crystal structure prediction method on the corresponding edge of the K-Sn-P system.
  • "" contains CASTEP output files for calculation of E(V) curves for low-lying KP phases with different xc-functionals.
  • "" contains CASTEP output files for GIPAW-NMR calculations of chemical shifts for low-lying K-Sn-P phases.
  • "" contains CASTEP and OptaDOS output files for projected bandstructure and DOS calculations of low-lying K-Sn-P phases.
  • "" contains JSON representations of all the structures from polish and searches, broken down into K-P and K-Sn-P specific digests.


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Journal article: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.2c01570 (DOI)


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