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Published November 14, 2022 | Version 1
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Particulate organic carbon (POC) concentration in meltwater runoff of Leverett Glacier, Russell Glacier, and Isunnguata Sermia, southwest Greenland (2009-2018)

  • 1. UiT The Arctic Universiy of Norway
  • 2. Charles University
  • 3. University of Bristol
  • 4. University of Pennsylvania
  • 1. UiT The Arctic Universiy of Norway
  • 2. Charles University
  • 3. University of Bristol
  • 4. University of Pennsylvania
  • 5. UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • 6. The University of Edinburgh
  • 7. University of Derby
  • 8. Florida State University
  • 9. University of Glasgow
  • 10. University of Oslo


This dataset describes particulate organic carbon (POC) and particulate carbon (PC) concentrations of suspended sediments in the proglacial rivers of 3 land-terminating glaciers in the Kangerlussuaq area, Southwest Greenland: Leverett Glacier (LG), Leverett River; Russell Glacier (RG), Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua; and Isunnguata Sermia (IS), Isortoq River. Both the Leverett River and Akuliarusiarsuup Kuua are tributaries of the Qinnguata Kuussua (also known as Watson River). The data have already been part of 3 different publications (Lawson et al. 2014, Kohler et al. 2017, and Vrbická et al. 2022) but are archived here for the first time.

POC data was collected for LG during the 2009 and 2010 melt seasons (Lawson et al. 2014) as well as 2015 (Kohler et al. 2017). For the 2018 melt season, only total carbon concentrations of suspended sediments (PC) is archived as opposed to POC (see Vrbická et al. 2022).


Additional funding from: NERC CASE studentship (NERC DTG/GEOG SN1316.6525) Czech Science Foundation Junior grant (GACR 15-17346Y) Charles University grant (GAUK 279715) Leverhulme Trust Research Grant (RPG-2016-439) Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award to J.L.W. Czech Science Foundation grants (GACR; 15-17346Y and 18-12630S) Charles University Research Centre program no. 204069



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