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Published November 10, 2022 | Version 5Nov2022a
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NDC factsheets

  • 1. University of Melbourne, Climate Resource
  • 2. Climate Resource


Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Factsheets

Raw JSON data used for the NDC Factsheets available at

The previous versions of the NDC Factsheets are available at and

Files included in the dataset

For each country/region there are 6 files, each run with different settings to explore the different possible types of commitments. The format of the filename is as follows:

{country/region code}_ndc_{date}_{conditionality}_{hotAir}.json

Where country/region code is the 3 letter ISO-3166-1 code for the country or a shortcode for a region, conditionality is one of the following:

  • conditional
  • range (the high/low ambitions represent min-max range of commitments)
  • unconditional

For some countries, their pledged targets are greater than what a "no additional climate policy" reference scenario would suggest. The "hotAir" component of the filename state whether these hot air pledges are included or excluded (the reference scenario for a country is used instead).

In addition to the archive of region/country level data, some additional global timeseries are provided in the "total_*.json" files. These files follow the same file template shown above.


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